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Deep Cleansing Spa Facial – 75 mins $75

Relax and enjoy this indulgent facial customized to your specific skincare needs.  This luxurious and rejuvenating facial includes deep cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, gentle heat, extraction, and treatment mask.  Massage is performed on hands, arms, face, neck, and décolleté.  Finish with a moisturizer.

Luka Express Facial – 45 minutes $55

This treatment is a condensed version of our Deep Cleansing Spa Facial, helping to hydrate and renew your skin. It’s the perfect spa experience when you’re on the go. Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, gentle heat, and extraction.  Finish with a treatment mask and moisturizer.

*Add Lactic Acid 20% or Glycolic Acid 30% to Any Facial – additional $10

To brighten or improve the appearance of fine lines, enlarged pores, and sun damaged skin.

Purifying Teen/Acne Facial – 45 minutes $60

This treatment uses enzymes and gentle steam to help loosen and refine congested pores.  Moist heat, gentle extractions, high frequency to kill surface bacteria, purifying mask, and acne spot treatment are used, resulting in  a cleaner, brighter complexion.  We will advise on the do’s and don’ts of proper skincare and recommend products to help keep skin looking its best.

Back Treatment – 60 minutes $70

This treatment is deep cleansing for the neglected skin on your back. Enzymes, gentle heat, and extractions loosen impurities and clogged pores. High frequency, relaxing massage, and skin specific mask are used to balance the skin.  Toner and moisturizer complete the treatment leaving skin smoother, softer, and brighter. When we’re finished, you’ll be ready for that bathing suit or backless dress.

Back Treatment – 60 minutes $70

This deep cleansing facial addresses the unique needs of male skin. The relaxing treatment re-hydrates and repairs skin damaged by shaving, sun exposure, and the environment.

De-Stress Eye Treatment – add on to any facial $20, standalone $30

For puffiness and dark circles – this refreshing eye treatment utilizes Ginkgo Biloba to stimulate the lymphatic capillaries to drain excess fluid, thus reducing the appearance of puffiness.  Vitamin C works in synergy as it tightens and brightens eyes, alleviating dark circles.  An effective cooling and decongesting treatment.

Pumpkin Enzyme Facial (Seasonal) – 75 minutes $85

The best way to welcome the colder seasons is to experience our Pumpkin Facial.  In our environment, Fall and Winter bring lower tempuratures, dry winds, and a significant drop in humidity.  Our skin then craves hydration of antioxidant rich pumpkin.  Your skin will be exfoliated, invigorated, refreshed, and replenished.  A great way to combat dry, dull skin.

Microdermabrasion Power Peel Treatment – 45 minutes $100

Microdermabrasion improves the skin’s clarity, texture and tone by using a vacuum to increase blood circulation while aluminum oxide crystals work to exfoliate the epidermal layer of dead skin cells. It targets fine lines, acne, scars, enlarged pores, and sun spots.
Includes cleansing microderm, soothing mask, oxygen serum and moisturizer with SPF.

Series of 6 treatments ~ $500

Recommended microdermabrasion facial: Add on a Luka Express Facial with extraction to a microdermabrasion ~ $150

Ultimate Facial & Reflexology – 90 minutes $135

Experience the ultimate in spa experiences and feel the stess melt away.  While our esthetician gives you a complete Deep Cleansing Spa Facial, our reflexologist will promote relaxation, improve circulation and relieve tension in your body by stimulating the reflex points in your feet



Lumafirm Firm & Glow Body Wraps – 90 minutes $100, add on to a facial (120 min) $150

This treatment is idea for those looking to firm the skin while attaining a luminous radiance.  Begin with a highly concentrated body elixir, followed by an extrordinary micro-released massage gel, complimented by a light, creamy wrap.  Finished with an application of the Lumafirm Body Moisturizer.

Oleaslim Body Treatment – 90 minutes $100, add on to a facial (120 min) $150

A body brush is used to exfoliate dead skin cells and increase circulation. An aromatic blend of essential oil is applied to your body to help detoxify and stimulate, flushing impurities from your body. You are wrapped in a warm cocoon and left to rest while metabolic function increases to eliminate fat and cellulite leaving you rested and refreshed. A series of 6 is recommended for optimal results.

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